Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunrise over the Atlantic, Acadia National Park, Maine

I woke up early this morning and took the short walk to the shoreline to watch sunrise over the Atlantic while the girls slept soundly in the warmth of the trailer. Funny thing – sunrise on the Atlantic looks remarkably like sunrise on the Pacific. ;) Still, it was a very peaceful way to start the day. The coast here is so peaceful as the late-summer tide ebbs that I could hear a boat for MILES after it left the harbor. I lost sight of it before I stopped hearing it.

We headed in to Bar Harbor early this morning to catch low tide so we could walk across the namesake sandbar and explore the island before heading back into town. The bar is a fun stop, especially for kids, and the island was lovely, but the town is a major tourist town, complete with cruise ships landing daily in late summer and into fall. The town is pretty crowded, but we found a nice internet cafĂ© here to catch up on our postings (it’s Sunday, September 18, 2011 as I write this) before we head out to find some lobster for lunch, then hit Cadillac Mountain for a walk, the meadows to look for carnivorous plants, and back to camp for a campfire meal.

Thanks for following our travels. For those of you who have written notes (on the blog or by e-mail), a special thanks. It’s been nice to hear from family and friends as we explore.

From here, we head south. We’ll pick up the internet again when possible.


  1. I wish we could do something like this. I have fond memories of my parents driving us through the NE and having lobster with my cousins. I just don't know how you do ALL that driving! You are amazing. What a wonderful gift you are giving to your girls. Praying for safety as you continue and looking forward to seeing you "soon!"

  2. The driving has been tough, even for a driving fan like me. The girls have been fantastic passengers, have entertained themselves and each other and quite often me. Still, at 11 weeks for this trip, I see it's just not long enough, really, to do this fantastically large, beautiful nation justice. But we do what we can with the resources and time available to us. Thanks, Jen P, for your note of support! :)


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