Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gennesse Country Village & Museum - WOW!

I'm glad we arrived too late, yesterday afternoon, to really enjoy this village. It gave us an evening to unwind, a leisurely pancake breakfast here in camp, then an entire day enjoying this fantastic setting.

Gennessee Country Village & Museum is a planned village of historic homes moved to this site for this purpose. Most were built in the mid to late 19th Century. Unlike other spots we've seen that have made similar attempts, this one is incredibly well planned. At this point, I think it probably has everything a developed city of the time might have had, and the knowledgeable docents and hands-on activities make it. Top it all off with a baseball diamond where a pair of games (following 1865 rules, of course) are played each weekend day and you've got yourself a little something for everyone.

Midday, we met a little girl named Emma whose mother is a docent here. Emma dresses the part, and has her own favorite spots in the village which she was more than happy to share with us. She was particularly happy to show around little girls who were the same ages as she (8) and her own sister (11). My girls clearly enjoyed the change in tour guides, too.

We wrapped up the evening with campfire steak dinner like Grandpa Randy makes, then a walk across the road to take in the go cart racing on the round, clay track before we turned in for the night.

On to Rochester, Finger Lakes and Adirondacks before continuing yet further east.

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