Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fort Knox Find

So our goal today was to put on some miles and begin our trek south. The turn south felt a bit like a turn for home, though we've got weeks to go. We miss our family and friends, our home and our pets. I think we're all sort of ready to turn west and floor it, but there are friends to see on our way home, and we know a rest in a good campground might help us out. Seeing Daddy in Florida will also help us out A LOT! So looking forward to seeing him!

While heading out of Maine, we came across Fort Knox. Really. Not planned. But a nice stop for a runaround and a bit more history. Plus there's a beautiful "new" bridge near Penobscot that was worth the stop.

I wanted to leave Maine on a high note, so as we cruised through the little town of Wiscansett, we pulled off the road there along the river at a dockside lobster house for a final taste of fresh Maine lobster. The girls aren’t really into it (strange – they love crab), so they made themselves some sandwiches of their choice from the ice chest while I ordered the steamers and lobster lunch. It was a beautiful day to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy the view of the river while we enjoyed lunch.

We continued our drive south along the turnpike (toll booths, yes) through dense forest before crossing New Hampshire (more forest, more tollbooths) and arriving in Massachusetts.

Talk about a CONFUSING place to drive. If you’ve ever been to an old English city (the old section of York comes to mind), you’ll know what I’m talking about. These cities weren’t built on convenient grids. Rather, it looks as though wandering sheep established the paths which would become streets and roads. The freeway/thruway/turnpike? Simple. Anywhere else? Entirely confusing, from signage to street layout. After following the mazelike pattern through Salem, we found our way to Winter Island Park for the night.

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