Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Bit of Women's History, Then Home in the Hills - Adirondack Style

Today's travel was pretty short with stops along the Erie Canal to check out a lock, a visit to Woman's Rights National Historic Park in Seneca Falls, NY, and finally camp in the Adirondack. We would love to have seen a boat go through the lock, but we might have waited all day and STILL not seen a boat go through, so we visited Cari Stanton's house/grounds, then went on to the museum before heading east.

I don't think the girls really get, at this age, the significance of the events that took place in Seneca Falls - nearly 300 women getting together to stand up for not only their right to vote, but their rights to make healthy decisions for themselves and their children. But the girls dutifully completed the Junior Ranger tasks, which slowed them down and gave them the opportunity to think about what they were seeing, and for us to talk about women's history specifically.

Further east, we found ourselves in the Adirondack Forest, but were surprised to see so much of it was closed and posted private property. I finally stopped at a visitors information center. GOOD FORTUNE! The guy behind the counter was knowledgeable, and truly a fan of the Adirondack. He pointed us down the Moose Plain road, where we found quiet, comfortable camp and a great fire "ring." Each site had its own outhouse (old style and apparently renewed each season), and a hearth-style fire place. We had dinner beside a fantastic hot fire, then quiet sleep under the trees. Bliss.

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