Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mitchell Ponds, but no moose

We enjoyed a lovely 4-mile hike to Mitchell Ponds where we snacked and watched for moose, but the only wildlife we saw were a few birds, two freshwater clams, some crawdads and a lot of frogs/toads. V caught several of the toads along the road, and we found some neat old beaver holes where the moose typically hang out, but we were too late (or early?) to see the moose. Bummer.

Still, a lovely hike on a beautiful Adirondack Day.

Then we headed across Lake Champlain via the ferry from Essex, NY (BEAUTIFUL) to Charlotte, VT (lovely). There was a stiff breeze coming up the lake, but it was warm so we were comfortable on deck during the 30-minute crossing. The fresh air did us all good, too.

Found camp at Mt. Philo, Vermont's first state park. The park is a hill that juts up from the valley floor. It was a particularly interesting place to be when the lightning storm blew through in the wee hours of the morning. Camp was, thankfully, not on the summit. (Good planning on someone's part.) Still, the lightning was bright and thunder fantastically booming. The girls slept through it. Good sleepers.

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  1. Such beautiful country! I'm reading EVERY post, and loving each one! Thank you for including us in your adventures, I look forward to each update. Love you guys!


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