Friday, September 16, 2011

Farewell, West Virginia. Hello, Pennsylvania.

Our evening and day through West Virginia were certainly too short. I knew West Virginia had "hill country." I didn't realize pretty much the entire state IS hill country! The interstate from Kentucky through WV skims the tops of the mountains, leaving out the winding, dipping, diving roads that are typical here. The girls and I opted to carry on well after dark so we could get to a lake that appeared, on the map, to be very close to the freeway. What's 14 miles, right? Well, 14 miles in W. Virginia is about 45 minutes of driving on windy, narrow roads. Beautiful, but time consuming. Still, worth the drive.

We woke at Sutton Lake, a well-maintained US Corps of Engineers campground maintained by local volunteers who adore the place. I met a couple of these volunteers early in the morning when I got up to get rolling, take some photos and explore the shore by our campsite before waking the girls. Nice people, relaxed place, muddy water lake, but I hear they have great fishing.

Today's goal was to get into New York state, so our Pennsylvania visit was limited to a (long) lunchtime stop at Fallingwater, Mill Run, PA. This structure, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in the late 1930s, was spectacular and a wonderful marriage of nature and architecture. I'd move there in a heartbeat. But I love water, and nature, and teh idea of being surrounded on three sides by glass that offers views of verdant forest thrills me.

On we cruised to New York where we found camp shortly after sunset at Lake Erie State Park.

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  1. Fallingwater is on my bucket-list of places to go and things to see! You are SO lucky to be able to go and see all of these amazing sights with your girls. (even if it is at a quick pace). Be safe, have fun, and keep in touch!


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