Monday, December 31, 2007

Entering the video world

Well, we've finally done it: made a video and uploaded it on YouTube. Why? Cash. Cold, hard cash!

A distance learning program is offering a cash reward for a video representing "why homeschool is cool." These are the answers my girls came up with at ages 5 and 7. This video represents our first effort at converting files, editing and otherwise creating a video. WHEW! That took a lot more work than I'd expected!

Every view of the video counts as a vote BUT WE ONLY HAVE 'TIL Jan. 7, 2008 to vote! Entries gain additional points for every positive comment left about the video. I'd sure appreciate it if you'd be so kind as to at least watch the video by clicking here:

If you like it and want to help us out on our endeavor to win the Grand Prize (cash for college savings), please help spread the word!

Thanks for your help!


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