Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kentucky Horse Park: What a Beauty!

I had planned for us to camp at a state park lake midway between Louisville and Lexington, but as we left Churchill Downs last night, we met a mother-daughter duo who were doing the horse tour as well, but in reverse of our route. The mother said they'd enjoyed really nice camping at the Kentucky Horse Park, so off we went. The girls had the choice to make, and agreed they'd rather just wrap up the drive yesterday and wake up this morning at our destination. Deal.

The extra 30 miles was entirely worth the drive. Kentucky Horse Park provides beautiful camping facilities. Even the primitive camping which we enjoyed offered groomed Kentucky Bluegrass (of course) under plentiful walnut trees, among others. The remains of the latest hurricane are swinging over Kentucky today with gray clouds and light but constant showers. We took shelter under the trees and called it a night.

Kentucky Horse Park is to Kentucky and the horse world what, say, Forest Park was to the 1904 World's Fair, or what Central Park is to NYC. It's an expansive facility for hosting the world's finest horses in competition while also attracting horse fanatics and others interested in viewing various breeds, events, the International Museum of the Horse and champion racehorses retired here.

We opened the park, and closed it. Now we're headed east again. Honestly, to do this trip justice, I think we'd need an entire year. But we're greatful for this opportunity as we enjoy West Virginia (WOW!) and continue north toward the Colonies.

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