Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Road Trip 2011 - Heading Out

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Aug. 30
We pulled out of the driveway this morning at 4:30 a.m. The girls headed from bed to the backseat with a pile of pillows and blankets to make their morning jaunt comfy. E, who always swears she can’t sleep in a moving vehicle, fell back asleep as quickly as V, and the pair slept clear to Arvin, just over two hours east of our house.

For the record, we did NOT find another kitty in Arvin. (See Arvin McDonald for reference.)

It wasn’t a super exciting day. We covered territory we’ve covered time and again and we did it with few stops and no sight seeing. We made it to Vegas in time for a relatively quick lunch stop, then hit the road again.

The most remarkable thing about today was how well the girls did. They brought plenty of reading material and crafts. Books on tape are also going to be a saving grace on this long trip. Today we enjoyed hours of listening to “Dog of Flanders,” courtesy Librivox which provides free recordings of a vast array of titles that are in the public domain (ie. classics). Toward evening when the view out the window was obscured by darkness, I pulled out the laptop and a video. Yes! A video – “The Long Long Trailer.” A perfect road trip movie.

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