Friday, May 24, 2013

Wow...time flies - an update from the farm

I can't believe it's been five months since I wrote my last blog entry. (Why does this sound like the opening of a bloggers' anonymous meeting?) I blame life, and I'm not even going to try to make up for my past transgressions in a single post. I've been focusing my writing efforts on freelance gigs that pay (the more the better), trucking the kids around to a variety of activities, and enjoying the myriad opportunities out here on the farm.

This weekend we're off to the California 4H State Field Day at the University of California - Davis where both girls will represent their club in various competitions.

This year, 4H celebrates 100 years, so they added a twist to their fashion revue projects - enter something that commemorates the anniversary. For whatever reason (she said she has NO idea), she chose to research then make a 1913 bathing costume. I'm really proud of her effort here because she came up with the idea, the motivation and the pattern herself. She altered a McCall's dress pattern to  make the body of the dress which she altered for a fuller skirt, button-down front and belted waist. She didn't have a pantaloons pattern, so she thought them through and drew out her own complete with instructions. She modeled the bathing costume's scarf after historic images she saw online and 4H scarf. We should have kept track of the hours she spent on it. I believe it was close to 80, but she was so entranced (and listening to stories and music) that she doesn't believe THAT much time passed.

Her effort paid off not only with a super cute outfit, but top honors in the countywide fashion revue held in April. That honor granted her access to the statewide event this weekend where she also earned a spot, through previous performances, to do a reading at the presentation judging portion of the day-long 4H extravaganza.

V, who earned county honors for one of her photographic prints in April, will be taking two more of her photos for judging at the day's festivities and has entered in the chess tournament. She saw her own success this year in the 4H horse program, thanks in no small part to her 4H horse project leader's time and dedication and local volunteers who put on fantastic training events in preparation for their competitions this year.

Her first event was a performance disaster with a horse she hadn't really been working with enough. She was unable to finish some of her events, and left with lots of colorful ribbons from small classes, not a lot of pride, and frustration in her mount. But over the next month, she dedicated time to working with her horse, and the magic began. By the season-end, County 4H Horse Field Day, she and her mare were getting along swimmingly, and she surprised everyone (including herself) by walking away from the final show with the high-point award in her class.

More to come, I promise. But for now I'm off to pack and head out. Best to you and yours!

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