Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sailing Sebago Lake

Woke today to a beautiful spot! I knew when I picked it that we were backed up so the door would open to the lake, but I had really no idea how nice this lake was going to be. First of all, it was a beautiful, clear, blue-sky morning, bright after the rain. It was cold in the shade of the trees, but I took my breakfast down to the beach where the sun and sand were already relatively warm. Even the lake water wasn’t too cold for early morning play.

While the girls ate breakfast, I met our camp neighbor who was there with his Hobie Catamaran. Turned out he was a swim coach from South Carolina, now coaching in Massachusetts. He’d been sailing his entire life, owns several boats, buys old boats to restore and sell.

We are all road weary, but had planned to carry on today to Acadia National Park, but when our neighbor, who seemed friendly and experienced enough, invited us out sailing, I took it as a sign that we should have a day of rest and enjoy the spot fully. It was a great, relaxing, fun day. The girls didn’t much care for the sail – they got wet and it was too fast for them although he held the speed down – but it will certainly be a memorable stop here in Maine.

The rest of the day, the girls played on the beach, sculpted sand, we fed a trio of ducks, watched other local birds and made peach cobbler as a treat for us and a thank you for our host sailor.

With an early start on the fire, we had the kind of marshmallow-roasting coals you can only get if you start the fire hours before roasting time. Late in the evening, but shortly before bedtime, one campsite sang at the top of their lungs the first line from “God Bless America.” Across camp, another fire crew wailed the second line. The two camps went back and forth, and other campfire gangs chimed in until most of the camp was singing or laughing. If this is what “obnoxious camping” in Maine looks like, sign me up.

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