Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ocean in View! Sebago to the Atlantic Ocean

Today our goal was to get to Acadia National Park. The big stop for the day was at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, the last remaining such village with living followers of the faith in residence. We took a tour, but I must say it was less than spectacular. There were a few room that held Shaker furniture, but with the followers aging, and the sect largely following modern traditions (yes, they can drive if they so choose, and the only remaining brother is big on texting, we’re told), it’s a little like walking into the home of, say, a Catholic and expecting to see anything unusual.

Still, it’s a beautiful setting and in its heyday, must have been a wonderful community with a work ethic. Their business efforts evolved with the needs of the tourist economy from the fine goods to chocolates and candies of all descriptions. Sadly, those days are gone, too. Just candy making supplies to view. The gift shop carries the herbs the village still produces, as well as fine goods created by Shaker friends.

We made our lunch at the trailer, then carried on east, finally rolling onto Mt. Desert Island in time for sunset and camp in time for walking tacos by the fire.


  1. "Walking Tacos?" Please explain these to me.
    I've conjured up quite the variety of images in my twisted little mind, and I'd love to know if any of them are even close :)

  2. Your moose encounter looks a little more controlled than ours was today. We walked up on a moose and calf as we hiked below Ben Lomond Peak.
    She stood her ground and we skirted around the trail to let her and baby remain bedded. I love following your adventures. Keep on truckin'

  3. "Walking Tacos" is a single-skillet, social meal that the girls especially enjoy. It's easily variable to meet your supplies on hand, but typically this is what I do:
    - cook up some onions and ground meat in skillet
    - push the cooked meat to the outside edges of the skillet.
    - dump your beans of choice in center of skillet and heat (we typically use some variation of refried beans)
    - when the beans AND meat are hot, drop a pile of shredded cheese on top to melt
    - top with tomatoes, sour cream, olives and whatever else floats your boat
    NOW...put it in the center of the table with a bag of stout tortilla chips (we find the scoops work pretty well), sit around the skillet with people you love and enjoy this social meal. (No double dipping!) ;)

  4. OH! SALSA! I forgot the SALSA! A MUST have !


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