Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tough Contest for Mirage

Today's game was the toughest the Mirage has faced, but even so, the girls' coach was even-handed with players, allowing every player, regardless of skill level, lots of playing time.

While our girls lost this game, I have great respect for coaches, particularly at this level, who value play time for all over the win. Thanks, Coach B, and to the wonderful parents on our team who support all our players, and good plays from anyone on the field.

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Antelopes Ride Again

Today we were especially proud of V, who, for the first time, really got into the game, took control of the ball and drove with it. Way to go, Little Girl! Once again amazing to watch as all these girls showed what just one more week of practice, growth and development can do for their play.

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Happy Halloween!

I hope yours was the best!

Ours? Filled with Grandma Kathy's Crack Corn, Caramel Apples, Pumpkin Carving, Tricks n' Treats.

And some soccer, too. Photos to come in later post.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

California-think: "Unemployment's on the rise. Let's raise income taxes!"

This blog space doesn't usually get into this type of politics, but tonight I'm steamed to distraction, so I'm just going to vent here. Not that anyone who can do anything about it will EVER read this blog.
This guy, who dropped the ball on the final vote, and his peers who failed to record a vote certainly won't listen. But I'll feel better knowing I've exercised my First Amendment right, then I can move on with my evening.

It's happening all over the country - lawmakers whose jobs are secure (until election time) and incomes, no doubt, no issue are approving and implementing increases in income tax while unemployment continues to rise, hours continue to be cut, and rising costs becoming financially unbearable. I know they're trying to make their screwed up budgets work, but I propose they do it the way real people do - cut your spending to match your income.

Today, my own personal public servant and our home's breadwinner came home with a note informing all employees that, due to the passage of California Assembly Bill 17, a new tax schedule has been adopted, effective Nov. 1 (essentially immediately). The tax deduction taken from paychecks of those Californians still legally and gainfully employed will be higher, so net pay lower. Sure, it's just a fraction, and I'm glad we have an income, but, gee, is this really the right time to take this measure?

Thanks, Noreen. I mean, I know you're just the fall-gal as the author of this legislation. Still, did you really think this would be good news for employees who have already faced a year of income reduction to accommodate the city budget raided by the state of California? Certainly as we look toward a new year in which we've been promised further reduction in pay to help the city meet its burgled budget, this tax increase is just more bad news.

And what do you expect to get from those who already lost their jobs, Missy? Didn't your mom teach you about that old turnip. (Just a hint: vegetables' veins don't run red.)

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why I Post By Dark of Night

Some folks have noticed the time stamp on my e-mails and posts don't exactly reflect normal waking hours. I tend to work late. I've been a night owl as long as I can remember. Even as a kid, I'd lie awake in bed and tell myself stories or sing to myself until all hours. SO, it's really no surprise to me that I'm up well past "bedtime."

It has its advantages. First, there are few interruptions after 9 p.m. or so. Folks I know don't generally call each other late (except for, perhaps, parents who know my m.o.) The kids are in bed. Sometimes even the husband has gone to bed early so he can make his early morning wake-up call for work. Best of all, the Internet runs better at night. At least my connection does.

Right now, I'm trying to access my e-mail. It's frustrating the bajeezus out of me! My Internet connection runs like slowly congealing turkey gravy on Thanksgiving Day. Plop - here's a connection. Slip, slid, slowly sink into the next Web page. Plop - here's your e-mail box. Stick - no further response from the system. PLOP! Sudden onslaught of access. Then nothing. It's in there, but it ain't comin' out anytime soon.

But I can type away here on my blog, yammer on incessantly while staring at my screen, the click "publish" and walk away to clean up the dishes, do the laundry or take my turkey-induced nap. Eventually, the blog post will make it through the leftover drippings of daytime Internet connectivity to the serving plate.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Symphony of Science - Amazing

I had to really pay attention to hear the amplified voices. Very cool.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Own Living Jill-O-Lantern

Nature saw fit to provide us with a natural Jack-O-Lantern this year. (Well, technically I suppose she's a Jill-O-Lantern.) V's had two lower teeth missing since our last trip, but this past week she lost one of her top front teeth - JUST in time for Halloween. (The other is loose and may contribute to the look before Saturday.)

While the candy apples were cooling, V and I thought we'd do a little art experiment. It was fun, through and through. And I'm sure the towels will recover with a few washings, maybe some bleach and some sun-drying.

Or not.


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