Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gifts from the Central Coast

A few days ago I wrote to friends and family who know the Central Coast and all its local goodies. I was putting together a thank you package for the family in Nebraska who housed us and gave us pretty much free rein over their ranch. I'd thought of a few things, but knew there'd be some good input from other local experts.

The package, all 30 pounds of it, is ready to go, complete with a photo album for them with some of the best pix I took during our stay. While I didn't include ALL of these things in the box, I thought I'd post the list of Central Coast goodies here in case anyone else is interested in giving the gift of California goodness.

- Cattaneo Bros. jerky or sausage
- SLO Roasted Coffee (aka Central Coast Coffee Roasting Company)
- Joebella Coffee Roasters
- Coastal Peaks Roasters
- Jack Creek Farms jams n' jellies n' other goodies
- McLintock's Beans
- McLintock's Salsa

- Poquito Beans (aka Pinquito Beans)
- Suzy Q Seasoning, glazes, sauces and salsas
- Crill's Saltwater Taffy
- Pepper Plant sauces
- See's Candy
- Hermann's Chocolates
- Mo's BBQ Sauces
- Linn's Jams, jellies and other goodies
- Hayashi jams
- Cal Poly Chocolate
- Taco Works tortilla chips
- Pasolivo Olive Oils
- Avila Valley Barn jams, jellies, sweets and other goodies

The gift box seems like a good idea. They won't get these things at home. Then again, perhaps that's what makes it equally cruel. Still, I wouldn't pout if someone sent me such a care package! :)

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  1. I am so glad you posted this info. I've been looking at it and "planning" things to take back to Virginia with me to share some unique gifts from California . . . Thanks for sharing!


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