Saturday, November 22, 2008

Research - This is the Life!

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In the name of research, the girls and I loaded up Junior this past week and headed for the American Riviera - Santa Barbara. We camped at Carpinteria State Beach (great if you love sand, surf and regular visits with passing trains), El Capitan (fine if you like camping atop a cliff from whence the sound of the freeway drowns out the crashing of waves).

We really enjoyed our morning walks along Carpinteria Beach where we found fantastic shells and rocks. They grow 'em BIG around here!

I introduced the girls to long photo exposures by showing them how to "paint with light." I'd wanted to capture some nighttime shots of Junior with the warm glow of the light shining through the curtains, but it was too dark out...until we introduced the flashlight and a 15-second exposure.

That led us to painting on the beach, and these images.

We visited almost every beach on the south coast to (and a bit beyond) the Ventura County line, learned why north county residents are so envious of the parks plans for south county ( they have a lot of parks down there), and stumbled upon some other local treasures.

We also visited the Nina...what a disappointment! The "historically accurate" boat travels the world collecting $6/adult, $3/child for the opportunity to board. Once on board, well, you can see everything you've already seen from shore. No big surprises. Heck, no surprises at all. Even E said, "That was $11 we could have used better."

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