Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Haiku today

After math, science, history, reading and chores today, we went to my current favorite blog for a writing assignment we all could enjoy. Today: turn around with your eyes closed. Open your eyes. Write haiku about the first thing you see.

Here's mine:
Bookshelf, tall and full.
Such great potential awaits.
Need more time to read.

Here's E's:
My little sister
Looking at me from the door.
And smiling. So nice.

Here's V's:
Street, black, wet from rain.
Houses on the other side.
No cars are there now.

I did mine in the allotted 60 seconds. This was the girls' first try, so it took a little longer for them, but not bad. Post YOUR Haikus here in the comments box! :)


  1. Reading blogs sucks my time.
    But I love checking in with you.
    So I'm over it.

  2. Oops. Missed. Didn't mean to add the word "my"--forgive me little haiku learners!(p.s.: this is not haiku.)

  3. Thanks, Megan! You're first! (We forgive "my.")

    Who's next?

  4. To learn is to do.
    Now you know not to Haiku
    Like your cousin Meg!

    Because I screwed up on "but" too!

  5. Always check your work.
    Especially before you
    Hit "Enter" like me.


    (I'm on a roll)

  6. Riley, loyal friend.
    Comical and so much fun,
    Always wants a treat.:)

  7. Thanks, Sue! If you see Riley when you turn around, well, I guess that mean's you're NOT in Japan with the president. Sounds like a great gig for him!

    Who's next?

  8. I figure that Jim should definitely be in the mindset for haiku when he returns from JAPAN tomorrow:) BTW, my haiku took me longer than 60 seconds to compose:)

  9. Paper full of names
    Never-ending daily task
    One by one, I call

  10. Blue and yellow bird
    You scream and throw food around
    I will play with you

    P.s. Love your blog

  11. Propeller in sky
    Is it a fighter bomber?
    No, a ceiling fan


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