Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night the girls and I attended a "End of Election Silly Season Party." It was an entertaining, relaxing, interesting evening with a gathering that included people of varying political preferences. The reaction was mixed when Mr. McCain conceded, and as President-elect Obama took the podium.

There are a lot of contrasts between the parties, but this was one that sort of summed it up the difference in overall attitude. Did anyone else notice, though, how the Republicans boo'd when Mr. McCain mentioned he'd just talked to Barack Obama on the phone? And did you notice that when President-elect Obama mentioned to the Democratic gathering that he'd just spoken with McCain, there was no booing. There was light clapping and cheering. OK, it was LIGHT, but it was POSITIVE.


  1. There's no excuse to boo an opponent, but it is easier to be gracious when you're the clear winner:)

  2. Oops, FYI... that last comment was mine, think it might have shown up as anonymous.

  3. Ok, so we could look on the other side, did anyone notice the cheap shot Mr. Obama took at Nancy Reagan in his FIRST speech today? How about how the "press" is totally blaming Gov. Palin for Sen. McCain's loss? How about how cruel they have been toward her? Toward Joe the Plumber? Well, we could all go on and on for both sides . . . I do agree with Sue Sparks. However, the campaign is over, and now it's time to look at Mr. Obama and see if he will come through with his many broad and unclear statements made over this past year. Don't forget the Dems have spent the last 8 years trashing President Bush, never once mentioning anything good he has accomplished, so I would not expect much graciousness going forward from the Republicans. There is no question there are many differences between parties, which as I told you before I truly believe is a good and necessary thing for this country, but I think until mainstream media becomes more fair, and less evil, there will continue to be an "encouraged" disrespect amongst the people. Very sad.

  4. Did I say "Mr. Obama"? I meant President-elect Obama - sorry.


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