Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Little Curator

Do you get tired of me going on about how great homeschooling is? I just can't help myself!

The girls have been much better about cleaning up since we returned home. Maybe getting used to living in very confined spaces has helped them a bit, or maybe they're just growing up (sniff!) a little bit. Last week, during some random down time while I was doing a chore, the girls decided to clean off their bulletin board. The most miraculous thing (beyond the cleaning itself) was that they AGREED and worked TOGETHER.

Yesterday, the girls decided to use that space to create their own little museum of sorts using items they'd collected. They have more items to add, but have opted to string visitors along, enticing them back with the promise of "additions to come."

Here's the curator. (Her assistant was camera shy.)
The fine print:
Title of exhibit: The Indians' Lifestyle
Under the fern frond: They ate plants.
Under the bone: They hunted animals.
Under the arrowhead: They used many tools.
Under the chunk of pyrite (aka Fool's Gold): The forests were rich...if you were a fool.

Yesterday our homeschooling adventure took us to our friend Karen's place where we all learned to make apple butter and to can. I'm SO excited to have had some canning pointers. My grandparents all canned, and some of my aunts still do. We have a garden, but have been storing anything we don't EAT in the freezer, which is PACKED at this point. I needed to learn to can to make better all-season use of our bounties.

Thanks, Karen!
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  1. It is super that you are homeschooling and loving it! Looks like your daughter is really enjoying it too! I miss homeschooling, and all that time with my oldest. God speed to you!

    Thanks for the visit to my blog! I am excited to use the nursing pillow~~ only less than 2 months to go! WOO HOO~~


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