Friday, September 5, 2008

Hog heaven...

September 1, 2008
What a fantastic day! The girls and I are in hog heaven with chores to be done, more than 50 horses with which to fiddle, goats to milk, puppies to play with, dogs, cats and cattle, too. This morning Celeste showed us her daily routine and we picked up the chores when we could. The girls are particularly interested in milking goats (there are 6 to be milked daily, and the girls were pretty good at it for a first time out), and caring for the chickens, including collecting eggs.

Celeste also raises Pomeranian dogs. It may seem an odd fit for a farm, but Bob’s “hobby” is raising and training the horses. Celeste’s involves these very friendly little dogs. They have three puppies left from the last litter and the girls really enjoyed playing with them, teaching them to follow on a leash and snuggling with them on the front porch.

After chores, Bob brought in the horse herd. At this time of year, they graze freely on most of two sections (almost 1,200 acres). He brought them in to collect a pair of riding horses he’ll need tomorrow to bring in cattle. What an experience to stand in a corral with a few dozen horses, all wanting attention, people-friendly and most saddle ready. (The stud colts are in a different pasture for the next few weeks.) Bob led the girls around on Ned and Sidney before we all headed in for a late supper.

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