Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Motherhood - training for senility?

Yesterday the girls and I enjoyed a craft session with half a dozen moms and a boatload of kids. Now that the girls are older and able to do so much of their own crafting, it's a lot easier than the olden days, you know, WAY back 18 months ago! ;) As the moms tried to have discussions, we were constantly interrupted by children needing a hand here or there (mine included). This kind of thing used to irritate me to no end, but while it can get on my nerves after awhile, I find it takes a lot longer for these little interruptions of NEED to get to me.

As I reviewed my day as I fell asleep last night it occurred to me that there were several conversations started, then abruptly ended, and never revisited as we roamed to room. Is motherhood training for senility, or is it really the beginning?

Here me now, believe me later: Thought came. Thought went.

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