Friday, August 22, 2008

When civil engineers drink too much...

August 19, 2008

Here’s where the rain comes in. So, we opted to take the park shuttle rather than the van today for a change of pace. We headed up to Logan Pass on the Going to the Sun Road – talk about a nailbiter! This road, certainly dreamed up by drunken men, was built in the 1920s-30s for narrower vehicles. For much of the route, we were on the cliff side of a narrow road where they’re currently doing construction. Our driver liked to talk with one hand – I would like him to have held the wheel with both hands and focus, but this was just a daily drive for him.

The views from the top were spectacular despite a quickly moving storm blowing our way.

We managed to meander outside for 20 minutes before the heavens opened and, not prepared for the rain, were forced inside the visitors center. We had our picnic lunch there and listened to a ranger’s talk in hopes that the storm would pass. An hour later, we were standing in the rain awaiting the next shuttle.

The drive down was no less stressful, particularly as I sat in the front passenger seat helping the driver learn to use the defroster and manually clear the front windshield until the defroster caught up. How he got UP the mountain with a window that foggy I’ll never know. Fortunately the construction hung us up long enough for the windshield to clear before we headed down.
When we reached the bottom, the skies cleared above camp (though not much at the peaks as far as we could tell), so we headed back down to Lake McDonald to play on a sandy promontory until dinnertime. The water at Lake McDonald is surprisingly warm, and the rocks here are so colorful! We all enjoyed the dip and hope to return tomorrow.

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