Friday, August 22, 2008

The Smashed Tomato

August 22, 2008

It was warmer this morning than last evening, but still much colder than any other morning we’ve experienced this trip. Our campground is clean and quiet, though pricey at $21.50 per night. The campground features a neat facility - a 3 ½ sided cook “house” available for anyone staying in the campground. There’s a large wood-burning “stove,” a steel barrel cut in half and laid on its side with a flat top sheet of steel and a chimney as well as cooling rails/safety rails along both sides. We warmed our hands there last night on our way to and from the bathrooms.

The campground is a far sight from the Prince of Wales Hotel, a spectacular lodge with an even more wonderful view.

On this blustery day we explored the park including a drive to Cameron Lake at the end of the road. The girls and I decided to rent a canoe to take a paddle which was such a fun, beautiful experience. None of us was ready to return the canoe when our hour was up.

We continued on into the little town of Cardston, Alberta to visit North America’s largest collection of horse-drawn vehicles at the Remington Carriage Museum. The sheer number was astonishing and the quality and care taken of these vehicles was amazing. They were displayed on the floor as usual, but also on shelves, if you will. They must use cranes or forklifts to put them all in place.

We all had fun playing with the interactive displays, most notably a horsepower gauge where it was determined V's pushing power was akin to one kitty power.
We splashed off a lot of dirt at the city pool before heading to camp where we were aced out of the last spot in town by a mere 10 seconds. It seems the International Miniature Chuck Wagon Championships (who knew?) were in town for the weekend, and all the official lodging spots were taken. While trying to decide precisely what we'd do about our situation (we always have the trailer, but where to park it safely for the night?), we found our way to The Smashed Tomato – fantastic pizza, friendly people (they even let us use their internet…thanks Smashed Tomato).

After we wandered down the street to pick up an after-dark ice cream treat, we found ourselves passing by the restaurant again just as the owner was locking up. He saw our trailer and asked where we were staying. I told him our situation and he kindly directed us to a nearby safe spot where travelers and truckers passing through regularly parked for the night. No facilities, but with a late-night, last stop at a public restroom, we found ourselves cozy in Junior on the outskirts of a wonderful, welcoming community.

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