Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes spelling IS everything...

August 25, 2008

Woke to the beautiful sound of easterly winds blowing through the cottonwoods and tall grasses, clear sunny morning, wonderful! I don't think the wind has stopped blowing since we hit North Dakota! Still managed to pull ourselves away from camp in favor of heading for Lake Sakagawea (Garrison Dam on Missouri River) and Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site (one of the villages is where Lewis & Clark picked up Sakagawea and Charboneau on their journey west). This was a particularly exciting fact for E who's big on the journey, and particularly Sacagawea.

Stopped for lunch and ice cream in Garrison, the Wall-eye Capitol of the World where E did her best not to get hooked. It's hot here in North Dakota, but there is a constant wind that provides some relief. There are long straight roads that dip along the hills...I included photos for my friend, Kevin, who particularly enjoys these scenes.

We now know where sunflower seeds and oil come from...we've never seen such enormous sunflower fields. They go on for miles and miles and miles. And it's harvest time for wheat. We're coming into corn country, but haven't yet come across a corn stand.

We're in a funny tiny little cafe in Stanton, ND - Cafe Lamond. Good local food. Friendly people and internet access! WOO HOO!

On to the capital - Bismarck!

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