Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking on new roles

For the sake of our own Corps of Discovery, we've each taken on a character. E read aloud information about each and every member of the original Corps (we've had a lot of car time, you know) and we each selected a part. E is, of course, Sacagawea. V is Seaman, Lewis's dog. I'm Capt. Patrick Gass, the carpenter.

Today I enjoyed a hot shower at the incredibly well priced and family friendly Sacagawea Park in Stanton, ND (what a find!) before we headed out for the day. First stop: Fort Mandan, the first winter home of the Corps of Discovery. The girls greatly enjoyed the kids' area, the first we've seen at any L & C Interpretive site.

We all dressed up, worked together in the canoe and roughed it in the hide tent.
The girls were quick to point out lots of design differences between Fort Clatsop and Fort Mandan. V was particularly enamored with the statue of Seaman, her own character, at the Seaman Overlook of the Missouri River.

From there we headed in to Bismarck for a bit of civilization. We found a room mid-afternoon, and opted to make the best of it, including laundry (inexpensive washer and dryer on our floor), swimming and HOT showers of our VERY OWN! I'm charging up all our various batteries.
On the recommendation of three out of three hotel employees, we had dinner at nearby Space Aliens - think Chuck E. Cheese with an alien theme, and better food plus full bar. The girls and I all had a heyday, and the ribs were delish (as were the girls free pizzas, from the looks of it). To round out the evening, and stick to theme, we walked across the NEXT block to take in a showing of "Wall-E." Yes, we've seen it before. But it's just so darned CUTE! fit the theme of the evening, and gave us all a greatly needed break from anything educational or historic. :)
Tomorrow we'll kick around town before heading back into the woods! :)

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