Saturday, August 16, 2008

Huckleberry farewell, Bitterroot! (We'll be back!)

August 16, 2008
I almost cried when we left the Bitterroots today. What a fantastic place, and we only scratched the surface. I could easily spend an entire summer there exploring the many roads and trails. It’d certainly be a place to explore on horseback!

We headed out fairly early this morning and visited Lolo Pass Visitors Center.
Rather than moving on, we took a short hike into the woods with a quart-size plastic container which we filled with Huckleberries. MMMmmm!

Enjoyed great docents at Traveler’s Rest on the western edge of Montana – one on dining with Lewis & Clark, one on hunting methods and firepower including demonstrations with the trade rifle.

Now in Missoula (thanks to Holiday Inn for allowing us internet access!) where it’s incredibly hot (in the 90s) and slated to get even hotter tomorrow (over 100). The carousel here was, indeed, fantastic! The girls rode for about an hour (at 50 cents a ride for kids, how can you go wrong?) and I managed to take a ride, too. LOTS faster than any carousel I’ve ever ridden, PLUS it had the brass ring game. Neighboring Dragon Hollow was a fantastic inducement to exercise, even in the heat.

We hope to escape a BIT of the heat by heading into the mountains again, this time northeast, leaving the Lewis & Clark Trail in favor of a visit to Glacier National Park while we’re in the area (more or less). We’ll be in Glacier, then into Canada to Waterton National Park before we’re in touch again.

Thanks to all our supporters! Be well!

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