Saturday, August 2, 2008

July 31 – World’s Deepest Lake – Girls’ Steepest Hike

It was a quick drive to the rim from Mazama Camp (an enormous campground that was nearly filled to capacity). The view was nice, but smoke from fires throughout the west certainly marred the view. The girls wanted to go to Wizard Island, but we hadn’t done our research the night before, so failed to get to the boat launch by 9:30 a.m. – the only departure for the island. I suspect that, at only 48 tickets per day, reservations may also be required.

Still, none of us was happy just looking down at the lake. The girls knew the statistics before we headed down the trail with our lunches in our packs – 700-foot elevation drop in the 1.1 mile hike down to the lake (and gain on the return trip). But they were still keen on going, much to MY excitement! They walked down hand in hand, and played wonderfully on shore for nearly 2 hours before we headed back up. We stopped at nearly every bench on the way up (V would RUN for them so she could get more rest than E or me), and made good use of our Camelbaks. So glad we have those!

Stopped in at Diamond Junction Café for a bit of ice cream. If that hike without a whine didn’t earn the girls ice cream, I really don’t know what would!

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