Friday, August 22, 2008

We're h-i-i-i-king in the rain...

August 20, 2008
So much for the lake! It’s POURING down rain today and has been, off and on, since we woke up this morning. The trailer has a minor leak near the vent that I removed to install bug mesh before we took off. When it’s dry again, I’ll remove it again and put silicone in the screw holes as well as around the entire vent cover. Otherwise, we stayed remarkably dry.

During a break in the rain, we opted to head up the Avalanche Lake trail for a hike. We packed our lunches, Camelbaks and donned our rain gear, then headed out. Good thing we brought rain coats! It only drizzled a bit the first mile, as far as we could tell from the protection of the cedar grove. And once up at the lake (2.5 miles or so) there was a break in the rain and the clouds lifted so we could see the entire cirque and four waterfalls feeding the lake.

We opted to hike another half-mile or so to the lake inlet, built a dam bridge across one of the creeks, generally enjoyed ourselves for about an hour. Then the heavens opened!

It DUMPED for our entire hike back. The girls did remarkably well on the hike down, trying to race the rivulets that ran down the trail, poking puddles with their walking sticks, singing “99 bottles of milk on the wall” ad nauseum. Good times.

We holed up in the trailer for the evening, enjoying various noodles, hot spiced cider, books, dry clothes and sleeping bags. When the rain subsided, we ventured out of the trailer again to enjoy a campfire with our neighbors, Canadians Jason & Shannon. We’d given them some of our firewood last night when we found out our plentiful supply would NOT be allowed to join us through Canada later this week. We’ve been spreading the cedar & pine love ever since – we’re well liked here in camp!

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