Monday, August 25, 2008

Aced out by Chuckwagons.

August 23, 2008

Today was a driving day...lots of driving. We started our morning with breakfast in the park before heading back to the U.S. and driving, driving, driving east in hopes of getting somewhat back "on schedule" since we managed to dilly dally pretty well this past week.

After a trucker's dinner in a tiny Eastern Montana roadside town (if there's not a grain elevator, there's not a town) we found our way to Nelson Reservoir - mosquito capital of the world! I've seen a lot of mosquitoes in my day, but they SWARMED the van before we'd even pulled in. The windows were (thankfully) rolled up.
Still, we opted to stay. It had been a long day in the car and sunset was approaching. We got out, sprayed ourselves down with the good stuff, and headed to the bathrooms and the lake where, I'm told, they catch monstrous Walleyes. (No wonder! Plenty of food here for THEIR food.) Though the spray kept them off of us, they still swarmed and we inhaled a few. No way a runner would make it around here!

Finally we gave up and piled into the trailer where we murdered every mosquito that had followed us in. Journal writing, reading and viewing stars (BIG SKY) through the window. We hope for stars tomorrow night in a more friendly spot.

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