Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the Road to Home

It's been quiet here at Best Family Adventures not for lack of activity, but due to major changes here on the Central Coast. We're off the road indefinitely as we enter another new adventure: life in our new country home.

Throughout my life, I've always imagined myself living in the country. Some of my greatest childhood memories involved days and weeks spent at my great-grandparents' farm, camping with my dad, exploring the great outdoors with friends and family. For as long as I can remember, town living has given me that need to wander, to get away from the pavement and the noise.

Now we've done it! And back to my home county, closer to my dad, and loads of room for the girls to explore.

The first weekend we were here the girls were joined by one of their best friends while her mom took a mother-daughter trip with her own mom. It was so wonderful to have this terrific, intelligent, creative, kind, beautiful young lady with us as we transitioned into our new home. While Mr. B and I unpacked the moving container (thanks, Mom, for the BEST moving idea EVER!), got the kitchen up and running and settled in some of the STUFF, the girls explored the property, tested out the rope swing, played with dolls, sang, danced and, best of all, giggled and laughed the weekend away, giving proper warm up to "The Happy Yellow House."

It may have been Thea's idea for the girls to work together to make our first dinner in the house a special dinner for two for Mr. B and me. They set the table, concocted spaghetti with sauce made from scratch, served a salad and topped it off with a fruit-embellished dish of ice cream. The girls watched as we enjoyed our meal before taking over the table for their own. What a fantastic move-in memory!

So, follow along for another chapter in our adventures - continuing to homeschool in our new, rural community; learning about farm life; callousing our hands; and warming our hearts.

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