Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best-laid Plans

In addition to what has become a regular morning routine of animal-related chores, today's plan was to get back to our human anatomy project. We've had a nice long break from schoolwork at the table as we prepared for and finally moved, and while there have been lessons learned I felt it was time to get back to our unfinished projects and some structured academics.

But Nature had other plans for us.

As we wrapped up our garage-related chores, we all heard squeaking in the garage. V spotted a baby mouse wedged against the outside of the (empty) terrarium. She grabbed her butterfly net and the girls were off on a different science adventure.

In the end, they found four baby mice: two in a nest inside a box of now-mouse-tattered awards; two on the garage floor. Their eyes aren't yet open and their mother is AWOL. My first thoughts, particularly since the mice are clearly nesting in our belongings, was that we needed to set some cats loose in the garage for a while to help eradicate the destructive critters. But furry babies are so cute. And they were helpless. And having an animal project that will require responsibility isn't a bad idea.

We made a deal: they can care for these mice in the garage using the terrarium. I can set the cats loose on any other mice. (I don't suspect these will live long without their mother. And if they do, it will be because the girls have exercised some responsibility toward other living things and a schedule of sorts.)

The girls are in rodent heaven.

I've hidden the Squirrelinator.


  1. I followed the link to see just what a Squirrelinator was. Now I know. However, I am wondering, are the openings in the mesh small enough to actually contain a mouse?

  2. No, the cats will take care of the mice. The squirrelinator will take care of the squirrels - I just haven't talked to the girls about that given their love for these garage rodents. I'm sure they'll figure it out, though.


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