Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review by E: Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher

The following review was written by an 11-year-old avid reader.

Marjan, a young storyteller, has no greater wish than to meet Shaharazad, the young queen who stopped the killings in the sultan's palace by telling him a story every night. But when Marjan finally gets her wish, everything goes wrong! Shaharazad is running out of stories. Marjan is plunged into an adventure to save her queen and the lives of many others.

Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher is a beautiful retelling of the classic tale of a thousand and one nights with characters beautifully detailed and believable. Perfectly placed, the storyline is polished to perfection.

I would recommend Shadow Spinner to girls ages 7 and up. Boys could not relate much to this story as most of the characters are girls, although some boys may enjoy it. Shadow Spinner may be difficult for younger readers because of the vocabulary used. Readers of all ages will find this story enticing.

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