Friday, April 27, 2012

Book Review by V: "Cougar," by Helen V. Griffith

The following review was written by 9-year-old V:
Cougar is a book about a boy named Nicholas who goes to live with his grandparents on an old ranch. On the way there, he sees a great, black stallion. When he gets to his grandparents' house, he learns that the horse's name is Cougar. There is one thing Nicholas does not understand, though; Cougar had been a horse that lived at the farm, but it had died in a fire when the barn burned down. So why was the horse still there? At the school, there is a bully named Robbo who always is mean and nasty to Nicholas as he has been to every new kid that ever came to the school. Every one is afraid of Robbo, and so everyone lets him do what he likes, but Nicholas doesn't want to live in fear of Robbo so he must work to be better than Robbo.

Cougar is a very exciting story. It is very fast moving, going from one incident to the next. This story in extremely unpredictable. Cougar is such a quick read I read it in one day.

I really liked Cougar and think lots of people should read it. I would suggest it for readers ages 7 to 13 because the bully is rather mean and nasty.

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a very exciting book with lots of adventures. Thank you!


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