Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moving mid-schoolyear doesn't really affect our education as a homeschooling family, but E is involved in projects which align with the school year; most notably, 4-H. When we moved, I promised her that I would do whatever it took to help her wrap up her projects with her old club, now 60 miles south of our new home. That means some crazy commuting for general meetings and project meetings, but she's happy to see her friends, to maintain those ties and to complete the projects to which she'd committed last fall.

E signed up for 4-H last year when a friend invited her to take part in the cooking and sewing projects. Until then, we thought 4-H was all about growing animals to sell at the fair, largely for slaughter. While the idea of growing animals (and, yes, eating them) appeal to all of us here in the Best home, the idea of slaughtering is hard to swallow. (Yes, I realize that makes us hypocritical. City people lose touch with the reality of this basic fact of life.) But sewing and cooking? She was all over that - and three other projects including building a porcelain doll.

This year, she is serving on the executive board of her club and has signed up for a variety of projects and committees. She looks forward to every gathering, every project meeting. Here's the cooking project at work on chicken tortilla soup. More project photos to follow, in large part to share with other project members; get those record books going, kids!

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  1. okay, I need to get a quick lesson from you on how you add videos to your blog, being that we utilize the same blogger.


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