Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seasons of the Mighty Oak

It will be very hot here this summer and every summer. I know this. I think I'm prepared for it even though heat and I have never been close friends. In exchange for the heat of summer, we get nearly four seasons. (Yes, it has been known to snow right here - as recently as two winters ago!)

We moved here at the perfect time. Our new adventure coincides with the renewal of life here on the farm. Watching the plants emerge from winter dormancy is so beautiful. The oaks in particular are grand to watch. When we moved in, they all looked so gnarly and dead. Some may be past their prime. One ancient, long-dead oak finally exploded this winter into giant chunk that will keep our house warm next winter. But most of them appear to be coming out of it. It's fun to watch them progress toward summer when we'll count on them for blessed shade.

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