Saturday, October 10, 2009

Soccer - Game Day Pictures

The girls enjoyed another sunny Saturday playing soccer with their friends. V's team had a double header. Both girls' teams were a bit short handed, which meant no substitutions. That made for some TIRED players, but lots of playtime for everyone on hand.

With V's double header overlapping with E's game, it was tough to cover both games, but Mr. B was there (with ice packs in hand for all those awful face shots) to help us all out. Oh, and yes, the girls DO have the same uniform, but they're on different teams in different age groups. WHAT are the CHANCES?!

I'm posting the best shots of the day here for team members to see. If there are any you'd like copies of, parents, then let me know at practice (or via e-mail or phone) and I'll e-mail you the full-resolution images for you to use however you please (For printing out, the full-size resolution images give MUCH better results than these mini versions.) I also posted pictures of last week's games, but I'm running out of storage space online. So if you're interested in those, check them out this week (and send Grandmas and family and friends to check them out, too, if you'd like) before I clear them out.

Congratulations to ALL the girls for games well played. We had some real troopers out there today!

Antelopes 4 - Fusion 0

Mirage 1 - Shockwaves 0

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