Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Own Living Jill-O-Lantern

Nature saw fit to provide us with a natural Jack-O-Lantern this year. (Well, technically I suppose she's a Jill-O-Lantern.) V's had two lower teeth missing since our last trip, but this past week she lost one of her top front teeth - JUST in time for Halloween. (The other is loose and may contribute to the look before Saturday.)

While the candy apples were cooling, V and I thought we'd do a little art experiment. It was fun, through and through. And I'm sure the towels will recover with a few washings, maybe some bleach and some sun-drying.

Or not.


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  1. I love it!! How fun, and creative. She thought of a lot of different faces to pull.

  2. I agree, just when I figured I'd seen the oddest of expressions, NOPE.. Here comes another one! Wow, the face-pulling-gene is strong in this one.


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