Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Make Homemade Candy Apples

I don't know if I ever really liked candy apples. I know as a kid I liked the IDEA of candy apples - or at least the candy part. But, really, how do you eat them? The shape of the apple is tough enough, particularly for kid-sized mouths. Add a hard candy coating to the outside and you're in for a sticky, crackly, mess with not a lot of reward.

Still, the girls and I were interested in making them, particularly given our overabundance of apples after our gleaning late last week. (The top shelf of our freezer is now dedicated to peeled, cored, sliced apples. The ENTIRE shelf, packed to the rafters.) We'd already made apple-walnut bread (a family favorite), and applesauce (E did an EXCELLENT job). Then there's apple pie, of course, and we'll try an apple Brown Betty, maybe an apple strudel. Any other great apple recipes you'd like to share? We'll try 'em!

With time on our hands Sunday afternoon, we got busy with the candy apple project. E was most instrumental: scrubbing apples, poking skewers through the cores, measuring, mixing, attending to the thermometer, dipping and, yes, finally eating. We used the Betty Crocker recipe, which involved things we don't typically have in the house (red hots and light corn syrup), but I caved for this special project. V took on the job of photographer, though she was more than happy to help with the final step - taste testing.

Their final verdict? The candy's great. The apples are yummy, but together, even the girls agreed they were too much of a hassle to eat. Next time, they said, let's just make the candy in drops, then slice the apples - or just eat the candy.

Next up - caramel apples!

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  1. You can look at my munchkin munchies blog for a good apple pie bars:) YUM! Your candy apples look great! Good job, girls!


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