Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Soccer Showcases Skills

This whole soccer thing is new to most of our family members. Mr. B started playing rec league last year after a lifetime of basketball. (Sure, why not pick up another contact sport in your mid-life!) But for the girls and me, it's been a whole new ballgame - new rules, new skills, new friends.

It's amazing how much kids can improve in a few short weeks. Each game brings excitement and frustration, some big spills and some thrills. But most exciting to me is the improvement in their play, their understanding of the game (which certainly helps their play) and their confidence in themselves and their teammates.

Throughout the season, I'm posting photos of all the team members as I manage to snap some acceptable ones. (You focus.) The resolution of these images isn't great for printing, so the girls' parents are welcome to contact me for full-resolution files. (See the team roster for our phone number or e-mail me.) I hope you all continue to enjoy them.

Antelopes vs. Sting

Mirage vs. T's team :)

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