Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Own American Girls

If you received this update via e-mail, you're missing out on photos. Visit the blog to see the slideshow.

As our school year began this year, the girls got really into dressing up for the first day. Somehow, the concept was different for them! They woke up early, headed for the playroom, and opted to go twinsies with their dolls. I didn't even know they had clothes that would MATCH their doll clothes!

E's dress actually didn't match her doll's at first, but she went to the scrap bin, pulled out some green fabric she had leftover from another project, and proceeded to make bows for her own dress to go with those on her doll's.

V had scraped her toe the night before while running to greet her dad. With E's help, she found an appropriately sized BandAid for her doll so they could be twinsies down to the last detail.

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