Friday, August 21, 2009

One-Minute Blogger: Monster

One of the distractions I discovered on the Internet is one of my favorite blogs: The One-Minute Writer. Each day, the blog owner posts a subject. Click on 60-second timer then tap away at the keyboard until the gentle buzzer sounds. (Don't forget to turn your speakers on first.)

Today's subject (Write a brief bit of fiction about a monster) and the story that flowed out of my fingertips made me laugh. I hope it provides you a weekend giggle, too.

I had the itch to get away, but they followed me everywhere - to work, home, the kitchen, even the blessed bathroom. I couldn't shake them. Their long, dark, rough hair against that pale skin gave me the creeps, but what could I do?! It had been weeks since they first made their presence known, growing stronger and more irritating by the day. I was beginning to lose my mind. I snapped and started to run, screaming, from the car. But my daughter, my voice of reason, called me back.

"Mom! I think it's time to shave your legs!"

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  1. You know its time when they chase you.

  2. That’s funny, very funny. You had me so ready for a scary ending that this came as quite a surprise. Good oneJ

    Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

  3. How fun (not your hairy legs, the one minute writer blog!). I'll have to check it out. That sounds like a very theraputic exercise. And seriously, who can't spare one minute to write!!


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