Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boosting blog traffic - It's in all in the pits!

Most of my regular visitors couldn't care less about the shaving habits of the hardly rich and not-so famous. Turns out, however, that armpit hair is JUST the thing to write about if you want to see your blog traffic boost.

My blog entry about pit shaving (published April 1, no less) has turned out to be the most popular page I've released! According to Google Analytics, that page alone has generated, to date, 2,158 visits from 92 countries. It seems Americans, at 1,299 of those visits, are most interested in the subject, for a variety of reasons which I'll cover later. Germany (166) and India (162) ranked second and third with Canada, the U.K., and Indonesia in a close race for fourth. France, Singapore, Australia and Italy wrapped up the top 10.

Search queries which led visitors to this of all blog entries included "armpits," "I don't want to shave my armpits," "armpit shaving culture," and "sexy armpit blogs." Go figure.

For the record, no, that is not a photo of me. It is a work used by permission under Creative Commons License, as noted on that blog space. I may write about my pits, but I'm not about to post photos of them!

Why bother posting about them at all? Well, read the blog. It's really about culture and choice, not sex or drugs or nastiness. Really!

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