Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making Plastic from Milk - BFA First Day 2009

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No two days are alike at Best Family Academy - our little corner of the academic world. Here's a look at today, our first day back after our first summer vacation, a peek at what this year may hold:

Our first day back to studies: spelling; handwriting; math assessment; grammar; Viking lore and review; art of Albrecht Dürer; atoms, molecules & polymers, plus making "plastic" from milk; soccer practice; all-you-can-eat family pizza night.

I found this nice website for explaining BASICALLY what atoms and molecules and polymers are. We wandered through it, played with some of the activities, acted out our own various covalent bonds, THEN did milk---->plastic project. The lesson carried through to our late-afternoon trip to the craft store (for balsa wood) where our usual "crack the whip" lineup turned into "a polymer chain."

A good start.

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  1. milk plastic. interesting. cat in the sink, cute.

  2. what a hands-on, fascinating way to learn! :)


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