Friday, October 3, 2008

Winding down, slowly.

Oct. 2, 2008

Today we had a relaxing morning in camp laying in, slowly packing, enjoying a slow breakfast, visiting with our camp neighbors, packing some more and finally taking off as they day really began to warm up around 11 a.m. We took the dirt road slower this time, but it still…stank to say the least. Even without the trailer, this isn’t a dirt road on which you can skip over the washboard and “hit the tops of ‘em” as Dad likes to put it. These were BIG washboards, INDUSTRIAL size. I felt bad for the people with the fancy fifth-wheels and giant RVs just heading in on the dirt. I wondered if they knew what they were getting themselves into.

After lunch, gas, ice and milk restock in Cuba, we headed back into the mountains in search of a forestland campsite a local had told us about last week. We found more wonderfully maintained roads, and finally this camp alongside a waning creek (it is, afterall, autumn in the mountains at more than 8,000 feet), and no lack of firewood. We cleaned up the site a bit; it seems there was quite a party here involving various cans, bottles and plenty of papertowel. But now it’s somewhere we want to relax, enjoy what’s likely to be the last campfire of our trip (doubt we’ll want one on the desert floor), and a quiet night in the mountains.

Tomorrow – on to Albuquerque, a long-overdue shower, pool, another shower, perhaps new shoes for E who’s worn through her new pair on this trip, and if we have any luck, an orthodontist to fix an irritating wire on her braces. THEN BALLOOOOONS!

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