Friday, October 3, 2008

Got too much blood? Texas is the place for you!

Sept. 26, 2008

Last night the coyotes were really active, yipping up a storm. Very early this morning (from 4:30 or so ‘til daylight) the elk were bugling. What fantastic night time sounds! The girls slept through most of it, though E woke to stretch during the elk calls, so I pointed them out to her. She thought she’d just dreamed it!

Mostly drove today toward Cap Rock State Park, Texas, where we plan to meet up with some of Jerry’s and Kathy’s friends. I hit a vulture at about 65 mph today. It made an amazing BOOM against the windshield and tore up the driver’s side windshield wiper arm and completely removed the blade. When I looked in the rear view mirror, there was the vulture, still circling near the highway, perhaps wondering what had just happened to him.

I blame the vulture collision on my aunt and uncle who ran into several birds earlier this year while traveling through Utah, Nevada and into California. I think this vulture was destined for their windshield, but I was (fortunately for them) there to block it! ;)

Cap Rock is quite the destination for Texans. We got into the last available campsite. But the mosquitoes here are terrible! Even bug spray (the good green stuff) doesn’t deter them. We can’t imagine what would bring people to stay here. Perhaps we just hit it wrong, but none of us can wait to jam out of here in the morning!

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