Friday, October 24, 2008

Camping and Pumpkins

This week's camping trip with HomeSchool Association of California (HSC) was a hit with the girls, the weather cooperated, the trailer worked out wonderfully and Grandma Kathy's Peach Cobbler was a complete success! We were so busy exploring with some new friends that I didn't even taken very many pictures! (Lara will never believe it!) ;)

As I feared, the girls found great friend here. Why did I fear it? Merely because the HSC campers come from all over California, so our newfound friends are scattered throughout the state. Makes playdates tough!

Today the entire Best contingent set out to select some pumpkins for this week's festivities. V envisions pies, E has jack-o-lantern plans. I REALLY need to learn how to can so we can have "fresh" from scratch pumpkin pie all year!

We hope to meet up with them again at future campouts, or as we travel through each other's areas on our other journeys.

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