Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Something's always new

Well, we're settling in at home. Most everything's unpacked and put away. Now we're down to the serious business of getting our photos and scraps in order and getting the scrapbooks together! :)

I'm trying not to revert to old habits, but it's tough when we return to the place where nothing has changed except perhaps us (and our world perspective). So some of you may have noticed I haven't been online checking e-mail, etc. as much this week as I have been in recent years. Still, it doesn't take but a few extra minutes online to find new functionality for the blog, or other tech changes related to the sites I typically use.

This morning I figured out how to add music to the blog, and my cousin introduced me to the Blogger's new "follower" gadget. So if you hang out on the blog page long enough (a few seconds at most) you should hear the addition of music, a random sampling of stuff I like, or the girls and I like. And if you're a fellow member of Blogger, then you can simply click on the new gadget on the left to "follow" my blog (and create a link to your blog from mine).

On returning home -
After two months (plus a bit) on the road, adjusting to life on the Central Coast isn't as easy as you might think. We've had so much space almost everywhere we've been that the neighborhoods seem more crowded than ever. Since we avoided large towns for the most part, this expansive bedroom community with its chain stores, chain restaurants and traffic is kind of depressing. And people don't look nearly as healthy or happy as most of the travelers we came across on our journey.

My Big Plan was to return to more exercise once we were home - morning bike rides in the living room, maybe more weekend rides, an occasional swim and certainly more hiking. I've already blown the plan; spent the first several days dedicated to unpacking and cleaning, then was so tired (finally) that I just didn't feel like it. Today's the day! Time to get going...the bike awaits.

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