Saturday, October 18, 2008

Re-entry is a *&#@%

Yep, Mom was right. It's been tough getting back into town, readjusting to just about every aspect of life here. The best part was celebrating V's birthday on the beach with some family and friends.

We had anotherwise somewhat tumultuous week upon return, but things are settling in again. The girls and I have really enjoyed spending time with our friends the Parsas who will be heading pack to Papua New Guinea in a matter of days. (SNIFF!)

Tonight we enjoyed some local entertainment at The Great American Melodrama just up the road. We took the girls for their first melodrama experience last spring, and they really enjoyed it. Since then, we've enjoyed the Astor Street Opry Company (Astoria, OR )melodrama, the Medora Musical (Medora, ND), and now full circle back at our own colorful theater. This evening's performance was basically a reworking of The Mummy, but in comedic form absolutely kid friendly. E didn't miss a beat, even when the jokes were up to speed in song.

This week we'll join homeschoolers from throughout the state for a little camping trip that just HAPPENS to be near our home. So, tomorrow afternoon we'll pack up the trailer, and head out for the midweek.

OH! As for the trailer, I have done some of the work I lined up for myself.

This week I figured out how to mount the new license plate which replaced the one we lost at the beginning of our trip way back in July. I fixed the drawers so they'll slide better (on rails now) and might not want to dump out (little brackets keep the drawer on its rail). I also cut and installed a carpet today. We can pull it out to shake the dirt out now and again, but it fits nice and snuggly and feels SO much better on the feet (not to mention improving the trailer's appearance tremendously).

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