Saturday, October 4, 2008

Up, up and AWAY!

Oct. 4, 2008

This morning the girls and I rose at 4:45 (yes, A.M.) and walked the 3/4-mile to the air field for the Dawn Patrol on opening day of Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2008. It was WELL worth the early morning wake up, dilly-dallying in New Mexico for a few extra days, the expense of the hotel, and the walk to and from (and to and from) the hotel.

Dawn Patrol was 11 hot air balloons lined up way before dawn (not a SIGN of morning in sight), then blowing off their torches so they released yellow flames (BRIGHT) rather than the darker blue flames. The result was wonderfully illuminated balloons, sometimes flashing, sometimes all shining, sometimes completely dark but floating away.

For two hours wave after wave of hot air ballooons lifted off from the field. Just when we thought it was over, THERE was another wave...then another!

I confess the idea of sharing a space with hundreds of thousands of people didn't appeal to me, but the field is GINORMOUS (it's in the dictionary, now!), and each time a balloon lifted off, it left a new, very large space in which we could all spread out.

We checked out the International Balloon Museum where the girls found the craft room (of course), then headed back up the hill.

We're lounging back at the hotel for the afternoon, then will return this evening for Twinkle Twilight, the evening glow, and fireworks, if all goes well. The gas balloon races scheduled to take off this afternoon have been delayed due to a storm that's blowing in. I'm not even certain the evening event will take place. It's supposed to snow 2-4" in the mountains just north of here (at 9,000 feet) and the wind's already kicked up quite a bit.

We'll share our evening pix later in the week (probably once we're back home).

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