Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Review by E: "The Starving Time: Elizabeth's Diary Book Two, Jamestown, Virginia 1609" (Patricia Hermes)

This book is is one in the "My America" series, which is like the "Dear America" series but for younger readers. Both series are historical fiction about various periods in American history told in diary form. I've read almost all of the "Dear America" series and a couple of the "My America" series, so I thought I'd like this book as soon as I picked it up.

"The Starving Time" is the diary of a fictional girl named Elizabeth. It represents the period of history after the "Mayflower" passengers arrived in America. It's a story about the challenges the Pilgrims faced and the hope that carried them through a winter of hunger, disease and death.

I like historical fiction and I like this time period in particular because I find it interesting. Boys might be interested in this book, but there are probably more appropriate books for boys about this time period. For similar stories told from a boy's perspective, check out the "My Name Is America" series.

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