Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Review by E: "Bloomability" (Sharon Creech)

"Bloomability" is a very good book about a girl who travels to Italy against her will to attend her uncle's school. I liked the book because it grabbed my attention and held it clear to the end.There were believable conversations
between realistic characters. I could imagine that they were real people, for sure. There was a good balance between funny and serious bits. The ending to this book doesn't feel like an ending, but leaves room for pretty much a whole new story. It's supposed to leave room for your imagination, but it leaves too much room. It makes you want to read more!

For me, it was a pretty quick read. It's about a girl, so girls would probably be more interested, but boys might like the story, too, because it's not entirely about girls. One character is always whiny and indecisive. Otherwise, there isn't anything objectionable, although for younger kids it's kind of tense when some of the people in the story are stuck in an avalanche. I could have read it anytime from age 8 on, but it really depends upon what the child finds scary and reading skill.

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